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How do I choose a mixer tap?

Always choose a mixer tap that is capable of a "maximum operating pressure" of 750kpa (or more). Most installation instructions contain this information.

What is the difference between an Instantaneous Hot Water Service and a Storage Hot Water Service?

An Instantaneous HWS only heats up water when you turn on a hot water tap. It is normal for there to be some delay after turning on a hot water tap while you wait for the water to be heated by the unit.

A Storage HWS operates on a thermostat and stores hot water immediately ready for use when needed. Although there is also some delay, usually it is not as long as with an Instantaneous HWS.

There are pros and cons to both, depending on the layout of your hot water fixtures, and the size and position of your storage unit.

Is it easy to change from a Storage Hot Water Service to an Instantaneous Hot Water Service?

The main factor is gas supply. The Instantaneous HWS requires much more gas in a short space of time, therefore the existing gas line often needs to be upgraded from the gas meter.


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